About Treasure Hunt

In his award-winning BusinessWeek bestseller, Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods—and How Companies Create Them, Michael J. Silverstein examined why people pay a premium for "new luxury" goods and services.

In his new book, Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer, Silverstein reveals that, even while trading up continues to grow, the low end of the market is much bigger and growing even faster. Meanwhile, the middle—a vast expanse of mediocre goods that consumers try to avoid—is shrinking.

Consuming, says Silverstein, has become a treasure hunt—a constant search through the world’s incredibly vast and ever-changing store of goods and services, with the goal of finding the perfect value every time.

Book Reviews for Treasure Hunt

"Treasure Hunt…is not just about saving money - it's also about gaining control, achieving goals, and attaining the things that matter most...."
- Harvard Business Review

"There is a treasure trove of premium advice and valuable information in "Treasure Hunt" for anyone in any business..."
- Knight Ridder

"Silverstein's guide... is intelligent without becoming mercenary; business owners will take notice."
- Publishers Weekly

"Essential reading for those who currently work in marketing..."
- Library Journal (starred review)

"The real treasure here is the thinking of Michael Silverstein…Powerfully insightful and approachable."
- Douglas R. Conant, President and CEO, Campbell Soup Company

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