The New Consumer

Explore the new landscape of consumer goods, learn about treasure hunters and their culture, and understand the business opportunities (and hazards) you'll encounter in the world of trading down and trading up.

 Lauren James

Get to Know the Treasure Hunters

Everyone’s a treasure hunter, no matter what their income, age, gender, or household status might be—but everyone goes at it differently.
Learn About the Treasure Hunt Culture

Learn About the Treasure Hunt Culture

Specific types of consumer behavior—including trading up, trading down, stockpiling, and reinventing—are creating whole new patterns of spending and saving.
Do it your self

Visit the Most Popular Treasure Hunting Destinations

The consumer goods landscape is bursting with places where consumers love to shop, save, splurge, find deals or unique items.
Seize the Opportunity

Seize the Opportunity

Companies that achieve success in the new consumer goods landscape follow five key business practices. Those that fail face "death in the middle."