The New Consumer—Treasure Hunt Destinations

Consumers around the world are constantly on the look-out for goods and services that deliver the highest value. That can mean a beeline for a commodity product of perfectly good quality at an amazingly low price, traveling great distances to get an exceptional deal on a high-quality branded good, or discovering an affordable item of special appeal—and often applying the savings to purchases in other categories.

Discover the trading down destinations:

Online Global Bazaar

Find everything you need, and many things you never knew you’d love, and make your own best deal. (Beware of auctions.)

Klean Komfy Inn

Get a king bed, coffee maker, Internet access, and amenity kit for $65. With the savings, splurge on dinner.

Hip Convenience Shop

Snag a newspaper, energy drink, and sushi box lunch. Saves time and the novelty is worth a few pennies extra.

Anything-for-a-Buck Store

Scoop up shampoo, underwear, and dog food at low prices. Pick up a decorative birdhouse for $1.79.

Merchandise-of-the-Moment Boutique

Find one-of-a-kind household merchandise at low price points and high quality, with new choices every month. Buy extra for gifts.

Quick-Serv Bank

Enjoy no-fee banking, competitive rates, attentive service, and an unstuffy atmosphere. Pay down debt and open an IRA.

Classy Brand Outlet

Floor samples, overstocks, special purchase, last year’s, stripped-down versions of expensive models. Good, cheap, and who can tell the difference?

Do-It-Yourself Plus

Pick up home and building supplies at DIY prices. Design and consulting services are so reasonably priced, you can afford that fancy showerhead.

Bulk Branded Bargins

Stock up on 4-lb. cans of tuna and super-sized jugs of extra-virgin olive oil, and throw a few $10 Store Brand shirts into the cart, too.

Unbelievable Low-Price Necessities

Buy eggs, cheese, veggies, and meat at prices 40%-60% lower than grocery stores and 10%-15% lower than the everyday-low-price retailers. Get a case of promotional pickles for back-up.

Dinosaur Department Store

There’s almost always a loss-leader, an end-of-season mark-down, or a close-out—at 10% to 60% off. The middle’s okay when they get real on price.

Adventure Foods

Shopping meets edutainment with store brand treats from around the world. Pick up a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck" at $1.99 and you can afford a nice asiago to go with it.